After many years of experienced working with the purchase and sale of art we have come to one simple rule. Secure investment in artwork is only when the painting or sculptural work is at exceptional quality. Given that it is difficult to find and get to the art of exceptional quality as these are high-priced, Gallery seeks that all works of art that are on current offer are in the real market terms and that its quality and price provides certain investment security in case of future purchase

Of course, this is only our opinion and assessment.

Sale and purchase of art pieces

If you have a specific work of art to offer, whether to purchase or selling commission, your artwork will be evaluated according to the real market value and due to that you'll be offered purchase price. We are demanding and buying artworks of famous painters and sculptors. If you are not sure who is the author of the picture or you can not verify the authenticity of paintings or sculptures, feel free to contact us.